New Center of Appin Technology Lab in Patna-Ashok Rajpath

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Appin pioneer leader in Information Security & Internet Reputation spreads its footprints to Patna-Ashok Rajpath city. Patna is the most populous city in Bihar and the second most populous city in Eastern India after Kolkata. It is the administrative, industrial and educational centre of the state.

Appin Technology Lab recently started a new center in Patna-Ashok Rajpath city. Mr. Suryanshu Kumar who always keen to do something innovative from an IT background initiated to set up this new IT business in Patna-Ashok Rajpath city. Appin Technology Lab expressed appreciation and contentment to Mr Suryanshu Kumar on successfully starting of Appin center in Patna-Ashok Rajpath city and believe Mr. Suryanshu Kumar will intensify and touch new heights in Patna-Ashok Rajpath city.

Education in Patna

Patna has many important government educational institutions. A large number of students across India come to Patna to get the admissions in BIT Mesra Patna Campus, IIT- Patna, NIT Patna, AIIMS- Patna, IGIMS- Patna, NIFT- Patna, Chanakya National Law University – Patna, Chandragupt Institute of Management- Patna, CUB and lots of other world class institutions in Bihar. Patna University was established in 1917 and is the seventh oldest modern university in the Indian Sub-continent. Patna also has a variety of other universities, as well as many primary and secondary schools. The session of Nalanda International University in Nalanda, is going to start from 2014. It will attract students from across the globe, and Bihar will regain the lost glory of Patliputra period. A 2012 survey found 1,574 schools: of these, 78% were private unaided schools (most of them at affordable cost), 21% government schools and 1% private aided.

Seminar will be organized at center premises for the benefit of prospective students.

100% Placement Assistance Training Program @ Appin Technology Lab

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Internet Reputation is the requisite for today and tomorrow in the business world!!!

Internet Reputation management is the process which starts from the creation of the reputation of your brand or business among the society. Then it moves towards maintaining or recovering the same.

Be an IRM Expert: A Good Career Move

• Build online marketing strategies

• Design and execute online reputation planning

• Explore benefit practices and trends

• Gain practical skills to lead organization

• Develop SEO, SMM skills

 Course topics:

  • SEO                                                                                           
  • SMM                                                                           
  • Digital Marketing                                                    

What student will get?

  • Live project for students
  • 6 Months Diploma in Internet Reputation & Marketing course
  • 6 months Experience Letter
  • 100% Placement Assistance
  • Multimedia Courseware
  • Globally recognized certification from IADL, UK & USDLA, US


Internet reputation, marketing services come of age!!!

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New Delhi, (IANS), a medium-sized business in the retail industry was shocked to discover that one of its former employees had posted destructive comments on an industry-specific forum with an anonymous username.

Just a day later, the company’s name and business had begun to take a hit. Yet, the company hardly took any pro-active step to arrest and erase such damaging internet presence — in the hope that it would fade away.

Rather, it magnified.

This is where experts are needed – and they are called internet reputation managers.

If a brand is not controlled on the internet by its creator, someone else will, says Neha Kumar of Appin Technology Lab (ATL), a company that is into what it describes as “internet reputation marketing”.

In fact, she adds, if the reaction time is not swift, the dent to reputation of a firm can reach irreversible proportions.

But there is more to internet reputation management than correcting perceptions. “Internet reputation marketing is not limited to just the handling of a crisis. It is more about the sustenance of a constructive and encouraging presence,” said Kumar.

ATL believes that in the absence of censorship of internet content, the need for internet reputation and marketing professionals would grow exponentially in the coming days.

Companies would either hire such professionals on their payroll or outsource their internet reputation and marketing to specialists, says an industry insider.

ATL has, in fact, developed several internet reputation and marketing programmes – each customised to suit the specific requirements of its clients. “We intend to capture the training and placement market as well as services market in the internet reputation marketing space,” Kumar said.

Based on the analysis of requests of its small and medium enterprise customers, ATL has reached the conclusion that while Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) marketing and Social Media Marketing (SMM) are important for customers, the need for internet reputation and marketing is even higher.

ATL now offers a six-month, job-oriented course in internet reputation management and marketing that spans 216 hours of theory and practicals, and covers technology, software, public relations, writing and communication, though technical skills are the key.

The programme is set for an October launch globally across all ATL centres.

It is a comprehensive course that prepares a student for all requirements of small and medium enterprise’s internet needs — brand, reputation and leads.

Students trained in this information-age course would be placed in companies that handle internet reputation and management in-house, or at ATL’s own services division.

Appin Technology Lab recommends that in order to contest disparagement, maintain integrity and improve revenue, businesses should invest in internet reputation and marketing services.

According to industry insiders, most people think of “search engine optimisation” when they think of internet marketing. Some advanced courses in developing nations offer search engine marketing covering Google and Facebook advertisement for lead generation.

Internationally, the concept of SMM is gaining ground in developed nations and on the sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, BlogSpot, WordPress and Wikipedia.

Such methods are collectively referred to as digital marketing, which

helps a company build a brand online.

ATL, through its 110-plus franchises spread across 70 cities, is also planning

to launch ‘Fort Appin IRM Services’ for small and medium enterprises. ATL’s staff will consult with the franchises to customise their management and various other needs.

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If we look around, we will find ourselves to be surrounded by computing systems. Every year millions of computing systems are built destined for desktop computers (Personal Computers, workstations, mainframes and servers) but surprisingly, billions of computing systems are built every year embedded within larger electronic devices and still goes unnoticed. Any device running on electric power either already has computing system or will soon have computing system embedded in it.


Today, embedded systems are found in cell phones, digital cameras, camcorders, portable video games, calculators, and personal digital assistants, microwave ovens, answering machines, home security systems, washing machines, lighting systems, fax machines, copiers, printers, and scanners, cash registers, alarm systems, automated teller machines, transmission control, cruise control, fuel injection, anti-lock brakes, active suspension and many other devices/ gadgets.


a)Embedded systems are application specific & single functioned; application is known apriori, the programs are executed repeatedly.
b)Efficiency is of paramount importance for embedded systems. They are optimized for energy, code size, execution time, weight & dimensions, and cost.
c)Embedded systems are typically designed to meet real time constraints; a real time system reacts to stimuli from the controlled object/ operator within the time interval dictated by the environment. For real time systems, right answers arriving too late (or even too early) are wrong.
d)Embedded systems often interact (sense, manipulate & communicate) with external world through sensors and actuators and hence are typically reactive systems; a reactive system is in continual interaction with the environment and executes at a pace determined by that environment.
e)They generally have minimal or no user interface.


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HR Generalist Training Program  is especially designed to Impart Practical Expertise in the Application of various HR Learning’s gained by students in MBA and similar courses. This Course will provide an in depth insight on how various HR Roles are accomplished in the Corporate World.

This will gives understanding on how to implement a Performance Appraisal System in a Company. Similarly Practical Knowledge of various HR Roles like Recruitment, making HR Policies, Training & Development, Statutory Compliances, and Payroll etc will guide you on how to use and apply Theoretical Knowledge in the Real Corporate Environment and Situations.

Perks of this course:

  • Be better than the Best HR Professionals & even Leads.
  • Expect Job Offers easily.
  • Get Practical Expertise & Corporate like exposure as HR Generalist, most of which is neither provided in MBA’s nor available elsewhere.
  • Learn from the expertise of Top Management, HR & Industry Professionals.
  • Get excellence in application of various HR Principles & Practices in Corporates.

Course Content:

Module I: Strategic HR Management

  • Chapter 1: Introduction
  • Chapter 2: Human Resources Planning and recruitment
  • Chapter 3: Training and Development

Module II: Employee Engagement

  • Chapter 1: Job Analysis, Design and satisfaction
  • Chapter 2: Compensation Management
  • Chapter 3: Integration

Module III: HR Generalist Goals

  • Chapter 1: Maintenance
  • Chapter 2: Meeting other Human Resources Goals

Be an HR Generalist: A Good Career Move

• Build recruitment, selection, and staffing strategies
• Design and execute on-boarding processes
• Explore benefit practices and trends
• Gain practical skills to lead organization development interventions
• Build positive employee and labor relations
• Develop business acumen skills

Career Outlook

• Human resources management is the need of the hour to maintain the good organisational environment for the company’s benefit as well as for employees.
• Job growth for HR generalists is expected to be 13 percent between 2010 and 2020, on par with the average for most other vocations, reports the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.
• Every company that expand needs HR generalists to help them comply with safety and equal employment opportunity laws and to administer healthcare, compensation and retirement programs.
• The BLS alsio predicts that candidates with certificates or master’s degrees in HR Generalist are likely to have the best chances of getting hired.
• The bureau also expects job opportunities in the mentioned field to rise, as organizations continue outsourcing HR functions.
• The HR Generalists are very much in demand in variety of organizations such as financial firms i.e banks, non-financial firms such as IT companies, insurance companies etc.

“Frontrunner Diploma Program-Secured Programming in .Net with C.”

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All the top software development companies require software programming experts in .NET. These include Microsoft, Trilogy, Infosys, Wipro, TCS, HCL Technologies, Sapient, Patni Computers, Satyam, and Cognizant Technology Solutions along with many others. As most of the software development these days takes place in .NET, a large number of SME’s who carry out outsourced projects require programmers in these fields. .Net programmers find jobs in all the industry sectors.

.NET has provided hug number of tools for the developers that allow them an exceptional degree of flexibility and productivity. On the other hand, these sophisticated tools make it easier than ever to miss the little details that allow security vulnerabilities to creep into an application. Since.NET has done a fantastic job of integrating security into coding, but the responsibility is still on developers to understand the limitations of the framework and ensure that their own code is secure. Therefore, the concept of secure coding comes in picture.

Secure coding practices go yonder, defines the security features that we should implement in our application, forces everyone to be involved in the software process to recognize the security vulnerabilities in whatever software might be released and to understand the risk associated with every step. Then defining a response plan to how to deal with said security vulnerabilities.



Training highlights-

  • Training on latest technologies helpful in placement in top MNC’s.
  • Sessions by Industry experts
  • Practical exposure
  • Hands on experience
  • Participation cum online examination certificate
  • Flexible schedule
  • High quality
  • Major projects
  • Multimedia courseware

After 6 months, what you will get

  • Confirmation Letter
  • 6 months internationally recognized Diploma which is affiliated by IADL, UK and USDLA, US.
  • 6 months Participation Certificate.
  • IEEE Based Project Work and Project certificate.
  • 6 Months Experience Letter.

Post Graduate Diploma in Information Age Security

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Post Graduate Diploma in Information Age Security

  • Appin technology Lab offers this course for candidates who already hold a graduate degree. This diploma is crafted in a unique way that covers all kinds of Information Age Security concepts. 
  • Many aspects of our lives rely on Internet and computers, including communications, transportation, government, finance, medicine, and education. 
  • All these assets need to be safe from cons for a smooth functioning life.
  • This course is designed to teach safekeeping of Cyber World.

 Program Details

  • Duration: 1 Year (it consists of 2 trimesters of 6 months each)
  • Eligibility criteria: Any Graduate


  • Apply and become an Appin Certified Security Professional
  • 100% Placement assistance through Appin’s dedicated placement cell.
  • 6 Months Internship/Project Work.
  • Personal contact Sessions.
  • Study Material with world class content
  • Practical Experience fulfilling Industry Requirements
  • Scheme of Examination is online 
  • Internationally recognized Diploma accredited by IADL, UK
  • Internationally recognized Diploma accredited by USDLA, US

Course Details
Semester 1 (6 Months):

  • Networking
  • Linux Security (Unix and Linux Internals)
  • Introduction to Information Security
  • Desktop and Server Security
  • Web Security
  • VAPT
  • Network Security
  • Minor Project 

Semester 2 (6 Months):

  • Protection from Cyber Attacks
  • Data Security
  • Cyber Forensics
  • Communication Security
  • Information Security Management System
  • Cyber Laws and its Acts
  • Major Project