Cyber Security — A Growing Threat, a Growing Career

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In the two years, the problem of cyber security has only gotten worse. Wherever you look, cyber crime is on the rise, threatening individuals’ privacy, corporate offers, government secrets, the security of financial institutions, the operation of national infrastructures, and much, much more.

But with the rise of these threats also comes opportunities, as new careers are opening up for people to protect us from cyber criminals, organized crime, and even terrorists. The field of cyber security is growing in leaps and bounds, and by all accounts there are simply not enough skilled professionals to meet even the current need, let alone the need projected over the next five years. Cyber security is a field where the rules of the recession seem flipped: There’s plenty of jobs, but relatively few qualified applicants.

One of the biggest areas for potential cyber security professionals to find employment is in the government. “The U.S. government is currently on track to spend over $79 billion for financial year 2011 on information security,” says Mike Meikle, CEO of the Hawkthorne Group. “They are the largest customer for information security professionals at the present time.” Meikle says the next greatest levels of need are within financial institutions and the utilities/energy sector.

Common in-demand skills for security professionals are a certification course in information security which can train you in various elements in the field. Our company Appin Technology Labs, currently a network of 110+ training labs provides comprehensive training in Information Security and related technology.

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