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Embedded Systems & Robotics

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In this course our main focus would be as to how we can interface Various Devices using microcontrollers. Microcontrollers have a vast number of applications. This course would expand ones potential to explore and develop new devices interfaced using the microcontrollers.



Millions of products in our everyday life today have some form of embedded software in them. Home appliances, automobiles, wireless devices and consumer electronics devices are just a few examples. The embedded domain involves software development, design and manufacture and even the re-engineering of new and existing reference designs, development of device drivers, wired and wireless stacks as well as porting of network protocols.

Appin Technology Lab business model spearheading franchisee boom in India

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The Agricultural Age, the Industrial Age and then the Computer Age gave way to an era of Global Information Age in the mid-2000s with the advent and increased use of email, Facebook, Google and mobile internet. The Information Age brought with itself its own set of consumer demands in various spaces such as security and facilitated the need of new offerings and business models.

The initial need was primarily of training manpower in tools and techniques required by corporates to deal with Information Age security models. This was followed by need for tailored products such as unified threat management appliances, malware guard, analysis softwares and so on. Corporates also required new age services such as background checks, cloud hosting, internet reputation management etc. By 2005, catering to these demands turned out be a major space for starting a new business.

Given the lucrativeness of this business opportunity, everyone would try to capitalize on it. One such avenue is entering the franchise business. Buying a franchise is perhaps one of the safest and the fastest ways to enter the world of information age security. More and more people working in the corporate sectors are quitting their jobs to become entrepreneurs. Many become franchisees and earn both wealth and reputation. The franchise is the only one in the industry that provides a retail point for security products, services and training under single roof. This has made it the first choice for many, lending greater flexibility and varied options.

In providing franchise business opportunities, Appin Technology Lab (ATL), with its decade-long presence in this innovative space, has come a long way as an education franchise player. A holistic performance by ATL in the information age security sector and a favourable business climate that it offers makes it one of the leading businesses to associate with.

Appin’s franchising division has already created a flutter and a growing number of ATL franchisees is a testament. Many entrepreneurs, who are using ATL’s flourishing business model, are thriving.

In only the past one month, eight centres have opened in various cities across India – New Delhi, Faridabad, Surat, Pune, Chennai, Behrampur, Bangalore and Varanasi.

Discussing future growth opportunities, company spokesperson Neha Kumar said “Having spread its wing in major metros and state capitals, we are presently focussed on making our presence felt in Tier B and C cities and invite applications for same via its website This would provide opportunities for smaller city people in their domain itself, cutting out the problem of going out to bigger cities in search of avenues. As a part of its global expansion strategy, we are focussing on growth in Asia, Africa, Eastern Europe and Middle East.”

The franchise is powered by ATL to offer information age security and solutions, covering training programmes related to information security, forensics, embedded robotics in addition to ATL’s time-tested security products and services in local territory specializing in the corporate sector.

As a pioneer in the emerging franchise industry and a trendsetter in information technology, ATL’s key purpose is to drive innovation, serve as an industry catalyst and transform the world through stimulation. ATL is in training partnership with recognised international bodies like IADL and USDLA, lending it credibility and quality.

Appin Technology Lab provides competitive edge to its franchises, but it offers much more. It provides comprehensive and ongoing training, with standardized programs for every operator, sales representative and technician. Strong brand identity is backed by aggressive and effective strategies for expanding presence in targeted markets. It also offers measurable deliverables to franchise, including regular qualified leads, regular training, 24×7 offsite and periodic onsite support, remote delivery of cases and marketing material.

In this cut-throat world of business, Appin Technology Lab (ATL) certainly has held their ground.

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The ATL Initiative ACSE (Appin Certified Security Expert) – Preparing Professionals for Tomorrow, Today

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Preserving information security data has conventionally been a tricky affair. The World Wide Web may have linked millions of people to a virtual platform, but it has also paved the way for data thefts and security breaches. As India becomes more networked, the country has become more susceptible to cyber attacks. Even an ordinary individual, let alone a corporation or Govt organization, is at risk.

In the midst of this looming menace, the Government of India has expanded the career prospects in the field of Information Security training and asked private players to collaborate in shaping IT professionals by imparting job-oriented training. Analysts have revealed that India currently has around 22,000 certified cyber security professionals, which is significantly lesser than the requirement of 77,000 personnel. Even smaller countries like North Korea have around 15,000 information security professionals, which is not far behind India, considering the size of the two countries.

The current number is embarrassingly small when compared to the nearly 25 million “cyber warriors” in China. According to recent data, India would need 4.7 lakh cyber security professionals by 2015 to protect its IT infrastructure.

How do we churn out such a large number of professionals? Government alone cannot do it, it’s an impractical idea. The Govt needs to run this mission hand-in-hand with private information security players and quite a few are already doing their bit by imparting top education.

Appin Technology Lab has emerged as the training hub for aspiring candidates and has turned out to be the most trusted source of hands-on trainings in information security with special emphasis on Embedded, .Net, Java, C/C++, Android, Matlab, Autocad and Cloud. ATL has designed and delivered over hundreds of seminars, trainings and workshops, spoken at numerous conferences, written and published various papers in Information Security. ATL offers flexible training solutions through various channels, such as – classroom sessions, corporate trainings, live-and-virtual trainings and e-learning portals. There is specially-designed summer training camps where project-based training is its exclusivity.

Appin Technology Lab’s cardinal strength lies in its certification courses. Its three primary courses on offer are – ACSE – Appin Certified Security Expert (six-month course), ACSA – Appin Certified Security Associate (three-month period) and ACSP – Appin Certified Security Professional (one-year period).

ACSE is the most sought-after course so far. The course covers the latest techniques and practices in the security industry, along with case studies. This is a very active initiative, specifically designed to get young professionals into the security industry. The ACSE courseware is designed by the leading security professionals from industry, both home and abroad, and is also approved by the International Association for Distance Learning, United Kingdom. This is a very active initiative, specifically designed to get young professionals into the security industry.

On successful completion of the ACSE (Appin Certified Security Expert ) course, it becomes relatively convenient to land a lucrative job offering, as the survey conducted on a large number of students has shown. You can find placement as network security systems manager, network security systems administrator, network security engineer, web security administrator, web security auditor, application security tester, information security analyst, database and software developer, data security specialist, and chief information security officer. The world could be your oyster!

As we are in the phase of digitizing all our information to create a paperless environment, safety of our mailbox, passwords, ATM pin and credit cards, among others, are a major concern. To combat the threat against information security and to develop effective manpower, ACSE has formed the basis of a new architecture as far as certified courses are concerned.

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Appin Technology Lab Launches Human Resource Generalist Training Program

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HR Generalist Training Program  is especially designed to Impart Practical Expertise in the Application of various HR Learning’s gained by students in MBA and similar courses. This Course will provide an indepth insight on how various HR Roles are accomplished in the Corporate World. This will gives understanding on how to implement a Performance Appraisal System in a Company. Similarly Practical Knowledge of various HR Roles like Recruitment, making HR Policies, Training & Development, Statutory Compliances, and Payroll etc will guide you on how to use and apply Theoretical Knowledge in the Real Corporate Environment and Situations.

Perks of this course:

  • Be better than the Best HR Professionals & even Leads.
  • Expect Job Offers easily.
  • Get Practical Expertise & Corporate like exposure as HR Generalist, most of which is neither provided in MBA’s nor available elsewhere.
  • Learn from the expertise of Top Management, HR & Industry Professionals.
  • Get excellence in application of various HR Principles & Practices in Corporates.


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Appin Technology Lab, currently a network of 110+ training labs, a subsidiary of Appin Knowledge Solutions has recently launched courses in Cloud Computing.

Cloud Computing is the talk of the town. Everywhere you go, this technology holds a stature, which reflects its true importance, scope, demand, value and prestige.

Cloud Computing is taking the world by storm, hence Appin decided to launch very comprehensive courses which cover every aspect of this world changing technology.

Course Content

  • Cloud: Introduction and Architecture
  • Cloud Development
  • Cloud Security
  • VMWare
  • Cloud Testing

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Appin Technology Lab, currently a network of 110+ training labs, a subsidiary of Appin Knowledge Solutions has recently launched a certification program in VLSI.

VLSI stands for “Very Large Scale Integration”. Thanks to VLSI, circuits that would have taken board full of space can now be put into a small space few millimeters across! This has opened up a big opportunity to do things that were not possible before. VLSI circuits are everywhere … your computer, your car, your brand new state-of-the-art digital camera, the cell-phones, and what have you.

Course Content

  • Introduction to CMOS circuits
  • MOS transistor theory
  • Low – Voltage Low – Power VLSI CMOS Circuit Design
  • Circuit characterization and performance estimation
  • CMOS circuit and logic design

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Appin Technology Lab, currently a network of 110+ training labs, a subsidiary of Appin Knowledge Solutions has recently launched a certification program in MATLAB.

MATLAB has revolutionized the computation techniques in engineering and Mathematics.

MATLAB (matrix laboratory) is a numerical computing environment and fourth-generation programming language.

It is not only a programming language, but a programming environment as well. MATLAB can perform operations from the command line, as a sophisticated calculator or can create programs and functions that perform repetitive tasks, just as any other computer language. It has a demand in almost all fields related to numerical computation.

Course Content

  • Introduction
  • The Basics
  • Interactive Computations 67
  • Programming in MATLAB: Scripts and Functions
  • Applications
  • Graphics
  • Computer Algebra
  • The Symbolic Math Toolbox

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